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A Cinderella story, last place team wins it all, 6-5.

The first place red team was 9-1-1-1, but they were knocked off by this 3-9 last place green team in round one.

The green team then set its sights on the Title this week, but they were missing some players, including a key player or two. This left them with 9 skaters including one who's over 70 and a retired goalie with a 5.58 GAA, we'll call him Fuji.

The stage was set for a nice and easy gold team win. But Steve Hardy made his prediction before the game.

"If anyone can blow this one, it would be me," said Hardy.

Melito scored early to put green up 1-0, and the Cinderella story was continuing. But goals by Ambrosino and Thompson put the gold team up 2-1 after one.

In the second it was more from the gold Waffle House team. Kevin Anderson scored, followed by another Thompson goal then a Trevor Leger goal, and it was 5-1 after two.

The video crew almost packed up to film the Consolation Game on the other rink at this time.

But due to contractual obligations, they were stuck with this game. Melito scored for green in the third to cut the lead to 5-2. Andy Long then scored and it was getting interesting at 5-3.

But when Mike Cormican scored to make it 5-4, sticks were getting broken on the gold bench.

The odd man rushes just kept on coming for the green Cracker Barrel team. This allowed Ragu to tie the game at 5-5 and now it was serious.

Could this be the greatest BBHC championship comeback of all time?

Well Fuji stopped Joey Silva and Kevin Anderson on breakaways in the third, to keep the green team in it. Fuji in fact would not be beaten in the third period

The upset would be competed when Melito scored his 2nd of the game to put green up 6-5. They would circle the wagons and hold off the humiliated gold team to steal this one 6-5.


First period

Second period

Third period

Locker Room