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About the BBHC.

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A long time ago, in a hockey rink, far, far away...

The BBHC is an adult men’s hockey league run out of Hockeytown Saugus Ma. 

Since January 1998 the BBHC has been a league run by hockey players for hockey players.  It is set up to create competitive clean hockey while incorporating many levels of talent in the game.  We have players that have played Division 1 college hockey right down to players who picked the sport up as an adult.  It is that talent mix that keeps BBHC one of the most desirable adult leagues in the Northeast. 

Over the last 21 years BBHC continues to be a very unique hockey environment based on sportsmanship and the shear love of the game.  A true testament to how well it is run is in our extensive waiting list coupled with an almost zero drop out rate from our ranks. BBHC gets its roots from another hockey program.  In fall of 1993 Bob Talbot Sr and Bob Talbot Jr (Tripp) were principles involved with the Hockey Academy.  At that time, Hockey Academy started a Friday morning men’s league.  Within 2 years Bob and Trip branched off to create a Wednesday morning league as the Friday morning league folded.   Bob and Tripp called their own program Icetime Hockey Leagues.  After a few Wednesday morning sessions, Bob and Tripp moved their league back to Fridays. 

In the fall of 97 the Talbots approached a few of the players with an offer to take over the league.  By winter session in 98, BBHC was formed by Dave Robinson, Rick Breed, Al Peterson, Rick Armand, and Bill Osbahr.  David Robinson has since moved out of state to run a business but rumor has it he is still between the pipes. At its inception the board was introduced to none other than David (aka Beefcake) Gardner.  Beef continues to bring his enthusiasm and love of the game each and every Friday. 

As the league began to take shape Beef and his wife Sharon came up with their highly acclaimed breakfast buffet.  Some say the breakfast is more important that the game and Friday is the best meal they have all week.  Beef’s hockey knowledge, internet expertise, and unending sense of wit have combined for an informative and entertaining website.  The website alone keeps our waiting list in a constant state of backlog.  Beef is a true entertainer with an absolute love of the game and a very integral part of the league.

From the beginning BBHC has used Mark Karas as our head league official until he reitred from reffing.  For 13 years Mark has scheduled officials seamlessly.  Mark has always taken this job serious with the intent of keeping the game the way the players want it but not bending to pressure.  Over the years he has had to make some difficult decisions while keeping the game and the league moving along the way the players prefer it.  After 13 years of head officiating, Mark has decided to retire and play more golf.  There are less errant pucks flying around the course to dodge and he gets to dress in pin stripes as opposed to ref stripes.

The league is currently run by a board of 5. Rick Breed, Alan Peterson, Rick Armand, Bill Osbahr, and Tony Onello.  The intent of the board is, and always has been, to develop 4 competitive teams and keep the league a fun place to enjoy the sport.  Teams are developed each session with parity as the most important factor.  Much effort and input is required to do so.  Also it is the intent of the board to move players around each season in a manner to avoid any stagnation from season to season. The board of 5 get together preseason to create teams at the draft.  Alan Peterson who has been the accountant and business manager for BBHC since the league inceptions has decided to take a position of assistant captain and the other 4 players assume the roles of team captains  Of course, it is clear that Al is assistant in title alone.

After commencement of the session often time some level of parity adjustment is made to accommodate injuries or other issues that affect parity.  The sessions consist of 15 games, playoffs included, as all 4 teams pursue their quest for the coveted Coffee Cup!