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Cream Horns shock the world with 6-5 win.

The first place navy Cupcakes came in as 3 goal favorties.

And when Armand scored just 3:30 in, it looked like prediction was right.

But nobody told the green Cream Horns that they weren't supposed to win. A nice hustle by Martin Tremblay tied it at 1-1.

In the 2nd, the green team reeled off two quick goals to take a 3-1 lead. But an ill advised pass ended up on the stick of Pat Deskin, who scored on a shorthanded breakaway to cut the lead to 3-2.

A nice timing pass by Armand to Flanagan and a roof job tied the game at 3-3.

In the third, who would have the momentum ?

It wasa green who went on a tear scoring 3 goals in 2:50. So that was that, right ?

Well no. Jimmy D. started another navy rally withy 6 minutes to play, then Bisegna scored with 1:12 left and it was 6-5.

The Cream Horns though circled the wagons around Fuji to hang on for the win.


First period

Second period

Third period