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Missing two C players Beefeater still wins, 2-1 in SO.

The first place Beefeater team had to play without Cormican and Aizanman this week. One was physically injured, the other emotional.

A goal by rookie Brandon Poulin put the red team up 1-0.

"I think it's only fitting I score against them, seeing as they pulled me off my own team in week one to play for them when they didn't have enough guys," said Poulin. "My hatred of the green team goes back that far."

In the 2nd, Melito would tie it for green, and it was 1-1 headed to the third.

In the final period, the red team knew they were no match for the green team without Cormican.

"We just circled the wagons hoping to get to the shootout," said Jim Wilkinson. "Missing Cormican kinda hurt. Aizanman, no so much."

Late in the game, Steve Hady got away with murder behind the net, as he held Poulin for what seemed to be several minutes.

"We got tangled up," said Hardy.

There was no call on the play, but there was a call when DeFelippis spilled one of the Jim Beam players against the side boards.

So the green team would have a powerplay for the final 37 seconds of regulation, and then a full minute of 4 on 3 play in OT.

"I thought we were done for," said Fortini. "We had nobody who could really kill a powerplay, and then we got Vieira in net."

But the red team killed off the entire penalty, and OT went scoreless.

The game went to a shootout, where Vieira stopped Melito and Armand, while DeFelippis and Chewie both scored to give Beefeater the improbable win.

"If we have Cooz today, we win this thing big," said Jimmy D.

Watch the exciting video here