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Cheerios take it with 4-1 win.

The first place team went all the way.

After a scoreless first period, Derek Osbahr blocked a shot at his own blueline and went in on a breakaway and scored with about one minute left in the 2nd.

He scored again on a powerplay in the third, then his father Bill Osbahr scored when someone shot the puck in off his face.

"You want to shoot what at my face?" asked Osbahr.  "Well if you think it will get us a win then I'm okay with it."

Jon Morin finally broke the Fuji shutout with 4 minutes left, but a third Derek Osbahr goal into the mepty net sealed the deal.

Game videos:

First period

Second period part a lights go out at the 9 minute mark

Second period part b lights back on

Third period