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Hot List & Cold List

Darren Aizanman - Winterfresh

Holy smoke !!

This guy hasn't had a meaningful goal in 5 years.

But he comes through in OT in the deciding game.
Mark Kramer - Juicy Fruit

Had a goal.

Almost had an assist.

And made some nice plays on the occasional backcheck.
John Ambrosino - Winterfresh

He didn't score, but he got open for several close in shots.

Just get him the damn puck.
Bonus Star
Bob Powell - Winterfresh

He brought his own bottle of WD40 so the doors on the bench opened and closed so fast.
Tony Onello - Doublemint

He apparently has lost the locker room.

Only 7 skaters besides himself showed up to take the game 2 beating.
Chris Caruso - Juicy Fruit

He somehow went minus one in a 7-1 win.
Eric Grasso - Big Red

He may have lost the hockey game, but that spiral ham at the breakfast table never had a chance.

BBHC 2019