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Weekly Stars

aka the Hot List & Cold List

Mike Vieira - Apple Jackss

He stood on his head in OT while his team just stood around.

Single handedly got his team the tie and not the loss.
Don Fortini - Apple Jacks

He had a nice goal in the 4-4 tie before he got hurt.
Chris Caruso - Cheerios

He scored two to show that he's so much better than Dustin Silk.
John Ragucci - Fruit Loops

He was brought in to play D and score goals on the first place team.

Still wating on that.
JA Ambrosino - Fruit Loops

Without Melito holding his hand, he's just another Ambrosino.

Marc Teal - Frosted Flakes

He's the type of guy that brings a salad to an all you can eat Chinese Buffett.

BBHC 2021