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Weekly Stars

aka the Hot List & Cold List

Martin Tremblay - Cream Horns

All over the score sheet this week.

Imaging if he did this consistently ?

With goalies in the net ?
Phatt Deskin - Cupcakes

He was set up all morning long by Mark Kramer, and he even buried a couple of them.
Tom Fuji - Cream Horns

He was on the right end of a 7-2 final score.

That's basically a shut out for him.
Mark Melito - Cream Horns

C'mon man.

A last minute goal in a blowout ?
Luke Steigerwald - Bear Claws

Is he trying to pass Chewie in pucks hitting the officials column ?

Jimmy D. - Cupcakes

Not only was he not involved in any of the goals, his jokes weren't even funny.

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