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Flintheads move to 9-0 after beating green 3-1.

First off, how is this team winning all the time?

Second, why haven't they been downgraded?

Red beat Green 3-1 in a come from behind victory, but it was not an easy victory as the press has stated. Both goalies played great keeping this a low scoring affair. 

In fact someone on Red asked if that was really Ben in net for Green because he was playing really well!!! 

Mikey V played well also, with the glove hand working today picking off those Mike Cormican 15 foot  lap shots. Cascades of "Asshole" were being yelled down from the balcony or somewhere after the very close slap shots. 

Forward Kevin Anderson got the first goal of the game when his wicked wrister broke in off Mikey and up and over his shoulder 12:27 into the game.

"We're not used to playing from behind," said Andy Long. "We actually had to call a timeout."

Tom Conway got Red on the board in the 2nd with a Power Play goal after JA gave Jason Kellog a late Valentines hug in the corner.

"The hug wasn't bad." said Jason, "It was the kiss on the back of my neck that got him the penalty." 

During a Andy Long hooking penalty Tom cashed in again for a short handed goal scoring high on Ben from the slot. 

Steve Iannettti sealed the victory with a late backhander for the 3-1 final. 

"I didn't have to do anything today," said Steve Thompson.

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