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Juicy Fruit shuts out Winterfresh, 4-0.

The navy team was missing several key players, who were all home with the post Halloween yucky belly.

This allowed the Juicy Fruit team to score an easy win, and an easy shutout for Mikey V.

Putting it more realistically, the Blue Winterfresh team showed up with their top 8 C players and gave it a valiant effort but ultimately fell to the first place Juicy Fruit 4-0. 

"We are not playing well lately," said first liner Bob Powell. "Has a BBHC team ever not made the playoffs?" 

Yes. Yes Bob. There was one season in which the 4th place team was not in the playoffs. True story.

For this season though, you will get a couple of playoff games and a Consolation Game.

Todd Nichol's goal just 5 minutes in was the game winner.

"I'd like to say we didn't know that at the time, but we really did," said Nichol.

Steve Thompson had the other three, all assisted by Nichol. Rick Murphy chipped in with 5 assists in the win.

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