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Red rosters gets stripped, yet they still win easy, 5-2.

The red team had to send some players over to the gold team in the other rink , as they only had 3 skaters due to the snow.

"Cooz stepped right up," said Rick Breed. "We didn't even have to ask him."

On the other side, the navy Ice Bees were also willing to send the depleted gold team some help.

"I told them they could have Surette, Powell, and any of the Wilkinsons," said Rick Armand. "They chose to play with the 3 skaters I guess."

The snow caused one of the Ice Bees and a couple of the Flintheads to not show up, for the most part it was a typical BBHC game.

"Rick Breed put snow tires on his Bentley," said Andy Long. "I asked him if he put studs on the outside. He told me the studs were on the inside."

Well played.

Goals by Todd Nichl and Steve Thompson put red up 2-0 and they never looked back. We're really not sure how the navy team only managed 2 goals.

Thompson finished with three on the day, and George Howard chipped in an insurance goal in the third.

Jeremy Armand and Martin Tremblay had the 2 navy goals in the loss.

"Is this the worst team you ever assembled?" asked Jim Wilkinson.

"Right. It sure feels like Tony Onello picked this team," replied Armand.

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