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A four goal 3rd leads the Loops over the Flakes, 5-4.

It was 2-1 after two, and then the teams exploded for goals in the third, with the first place Fruit Loops getting a late Melito goal for a 5-4 win.

As mentioned the scoring was as slim as Marc Teal for two periods, then the buffett was open for all. Seven total goals were scored in the final 19 minutes. When the dust settled, the last place Flakes were on the wrong end again.

They wasted a cool hat trick by Ragu, as he was the only one really scoring for the navy team.

"Someone has to do it," said Ragu.

For the record, Mark Wood had the 3rd assist on all those goals. (  )

For the red team Melito and JA combined for all the goals. Amrosino Sr. and Jon Morin were held scoreless this week.

Rollie played great in the red net, making some Hasek like saves. At the other end, Ben played fine, but if you look at his "D", you'll see the problem.

New guy Martin Tremblay continues to be Brian Armand 2.0 for the red team. For the navy team, they're still looking for an answer.

"It's another tough loss for us, and I fully expect to see a new guy of our own on this team shortly," said Mark Kramer.

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