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Flakes don't have enough guys in a 3-2 loss.

The navy team only had 8 skaters, and well like Dick Van Patten says, 8 is not enough.

After a scoreless first period in which the teams combined for 4 shots, Jake Silk broke the scoreless tie late in the 2nd for the Flakes.

Early in the 3rd, the Flakes got Iannetti's seasonal goal, and it was 2-0 navy.

After that it was all green pastures. The Apple Jacks got goals from Luke Steigerwald, Tony Onello, and Sean Steigerwald, and hung on for the 3-2 win.

"What just happened?" asked Rick Armand. "Someone is going to be sitting next week."

"Why are you looking at me?" asked Mark Wood.

"Because Darren is sitting behind you," replied Armand.

"Another one I thought we had in the bag, and we come out on the wrong end," said Ben Minsk.

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