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Almost a shutout for Cooz, 5-1 Avengers.

Cooz came within 1:11 of a shutout, but some selfish play by his defensemen allowed the Masters of Evil a late goal for a 5-1 final.

After an opening week tie, the green team has ripped off 6 wins in a row, and are comfortably in first place. The navy team knew they were no match.

So Rick Armand took Joey Silva on his line, and put Ryan Collins with Mike Cormican.

"I figure we're not gonna win, so today would be a good chance for me and Cormican to work with some of the guys on positioning," said Armand.

Brian Armand offered to work with Kevin Flanagan, but Kevin thought Brian would be wasting his time.

Keith Leblanc continues to impress in his first campaign with the BBHC, as he scored 3 and figured in another as green grabbed a 4-0 lead.

Rick Murphy tacked on a late goal with help from Bobrycki, and it was 5-0.

The shutout looked emminent, until the D let down Cooz, and Flanagan scored a late goal for the 5-1 final.

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