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Fruit Loops ride the 3rd line to a 6-3 win.

It's been a while since this writer had been in the north rink, and honestly, the south rink has the better games.

But this week we got to see first hand what actually goes on in the B game.

Plenty of action happened between Red and Gold as new players and refs both got acclimated to their new surroundings. 

"Hey does anyone know where the South rink is?" asked Ref Beef, "I've never been there before." 

New players were worked in on both teams as Martin Tremblay scored for the Red team and Tom "minus two" Conway suited up for Gold.  Fuji played Fuji like and Chris Caruso got moved up to forward with the new cone added to the Yellow defense.

"We haven't had a puck moving defenseman since Raimo moved up to forward," said Bill Osbahr.

Derek Osbahr got invovled in the game as well, yelling at Jimmy D. for going offside costing Derek a sure goal.

Chris Caruso however, did not disappoint, scoring two goals. 

Kevin Anderson had a rough start to the game losing the puck a couple of times and falling down over the red line. Kevin then blamed everything on not playing for two weeks and his new stick, and smashed it on the ice to wake it up. 

Speaking of falling down, Lloyd actually DREW a penalty this morning.

"I heard the whistle and I thought they were calling me for a dive because Cormican didn't touch me, I toe picked," said Lloyd. "It's kinda nice having someone else get a penalty for not doing anything wrong."

The Refs will remember that one next week. 

The highlight of the game though was when Jimmy D smashed into teammate Chewy knocking both guys down. 

"He was moving way too fast, I had to slow him down," said Jimmy. 

Red takes four points from Yellow who are on a skid. 

Check out our great new box score here.