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Avengers ride Legere's 3 point day to a 4-3 win.

The green Avengers saw Trevor Legere play the game of his life, and they took down the Masters of Evil on Friday.

But they fell behind 2-0 as Kevin Flanagan scored 3 minutes in to put the Navy team up 1-0, then Rick Breed, yeah that Rick Breed, put home a sweet backhander for a 2-0 lead.

What followed was the best celly in the BBHC as Breed sheathed the sword after scoring the goal.

Goalie Mike Boccuzzi was asked if he let Breed score, but only smiled.

This set up a fantastic comeback by the first place green team. Keith Leblanc scored, followed by Lloyd Johnston and we were tied at 2-2 after one.

In the 2nd, Flanagan scored again to put navy up 3-2, but again green rallied when Trevore Legere scored to again tie it.

In the third there was only one goal, that from Mike Raimo, as the C players seemed to rule this game. That gave green the 4-3 lead and they would hang on.

Legere finished with a goal and two helpers, as the green Avengers remain undefeated on the season.

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