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Doublemint puts 9 by depleted Winterfresh in 9-4 win.

"This should have been 15-0, and you can quote me on that," said Tripp Talbot.

But you should all know by now, we don't use real quotes in our fair and accurate recaps.

In a battle for last place the Green Doublemints crushed the Blue Winterfresh 9-4 and it wasn't even that close. The green team took a 3-0 lead in the first, and they never looked back. They would tack on 6 more goals, and even with Ben in net, 9 goals was enough for a win.

"Yeah, they popped our bubble today," said Fuji who escaped the game without any bruises.

"That's because nothing hit you," said a still Blue Bob Powell.

"At least our C players outplayed yours" said top C player Mark DeFilippis.

"That's because we had none today" said a smiling Tripp Talbot.   

"We thought it would be tough today because they had a Breed & Armand pairing on D but then we realized it was RICK Breed and BRIAN Armand," said a joyous Jim Wilkinson.

Navy would score 3 in the third to make it respectable, but when your best guys stay home, and their worst guys stay home, that's how you end up losing 15-0.

Blue closed out the scoring when a high point shot from Armand (runs in the family) almost hit Defenseman Steve Hardy in the head but  Darren tipped it down right into the corner of the net.

"It was a typical Armand family shot, over my head," complained Hardy but Ref Greg felt bad for Blue and let the goal stand.   

"I had 2 assists, I did my part," said Brian Armand.

Winterfresh remains comfortably in last place.

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