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Yellow Grinders fall to Ben and first place Wackers, 4-1.

Chewie put the gold team up 1-0 6:15 into the game, and that would be the only gold goal of the day, as they undefeated red team went on to win their 6th straight game.

Before the game the depleted red team had to figure out who would play where.

Joe Surette reluctantly volunteered to play offense for the day.

"I humbly will do my part and play offense today, but once this crisis is over, I will immediately resign myself back to defense, you can trust me," said Surette.

As mentioned the Wackers got down 1-0, but it took just a minute for Blaine Bisegna to set up Dustin Silk for the tying goal. JA begged, and also got an assist.

The game remained tied into the 2nd when a puck went into the net off of John Ambrosino, again. How lucky can one guy get in a season?

A real goal by Jake Silk who went coast to coast made it 3-1 red after two.

In the final period goalie Ben Minsk continued to shut down the gold shooters making atleast 3 saves. Meanwhile Blaine sent away JA for a breakaway goal and a 4-1 final.

Blaine is contributing more to his team than he has to any team since 3rd grade kickball.

"We took the Title that year," said Bisegna.

"We're a solid team," said JA. "We got the best two way player in the league in Jake Silk, and the best one way player in the league in Joe Surette."

Red improves to 6-0, while the gold Stump Grinders fall to 3-3, still good enough for 2nd place though.

"What are the chances we got 2 of the 3 Steigerwalds on our team, and we don't get the good one?" asked Andy Long.

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