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Time to downgrade the red team, 7-1.

The Red team wins again as Rick and his Red Rejects are 5-0 after destroying a depleted DazzleCats team 7-1.

"We haven't played a full team yet," said Captain Rick Breed. "The other teams look at our roster and see myself, Long, Poulin, Iannetti, Kellog and figure they don't even need a full team. Last week Armand and Melito didnt show up and today Cormican and Tony O were missing. Our first game the other teams goalie didnt even show! If we keep playing teams missing their top players or no goalie we might have a shot at this thing." 

"Yeah we were missing Cormican, Onello, Ragu, and Ryan Collins today," said Rob Ciulli who was acting captain for the green team.

"Wait, I was here today," replied Ryan Collins from the second row of the bench.

"Oh, yeah um, I guess I didn't see you there," replied Chewie.

Red took advantage and got some third line scoring with McCarthy, Poulin and George Howard all scoring today. 

"Thats our little Red line," said Cooz who also got spoon fed one for a goal this morning.

The DazzleCats finally got on the board late in the 2nd when JA went around Jon Morin for the lone green team goal that broke fill in goalie Justin Fortini's shutout bid.

"Yeah there's no shutouts in the BBHC," said a smiling JA. 

In the 3rd it was more shells fired at poor Ben Minsk. Brandon Poulin and Conway each scored for the 7-1 final. It was Conway's second of the game.

"Too bad time ran out, I was next on the list of guys for Thompson to pass to for a goal," said Steve Iannetti.

Captain Rick Breed left the game early in the third with the game already decided.

"No sense me running up the score any more than it already is," said Breed on his way out the door. "I'll leave that to Long and Poulin. And make sure Morin doesn't check anybody neither."


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