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Masters of Evil lose to lowly Legion of Doom, 8-4.

The gold Legion of Doom finally got a win, scoring 8 on poor Ben Minsk and the Masters of Nothing.

It looked like the gold team would go winless this season, but thanks to a monster game by Martin Tremblay, that will not happend.

He scored 3 in an 8 goal outburst.

"I was hoping if I played well, I'd get traded off this team," said Martin.

"Funny, that's why I'm not trying to play well," replied Eric Grasso.

Each team had a new guy, Dan Lundergan for the gold team, and Chris Zaniboni for the navy team.

"We're hoping Blaine can comeback this season and we can trade Brian," said Rick Armand. "He's says he misses playing with Jimmy D."

We'll have to see how the new guys pan out, and whom gets traded and whom doesn't.

Check out our great new box score here.