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Mad Ants beat Blue Coats again, 5-3.

Another close game between theese two teams, and once again it goes to the first place Mad Ants.

Eric Grasso opened the scoring for the red team with a good goal, if there is such a thing for him.  The navy Blue Coats tied it 5 minutes later, when a shot from Derek Osbahr hit a stick, went up in the air, hit the top of the net, then the goalie's head and rolled over the line. Total sheety goal.

This seemed to anger Sean Steigerwald.

"I work hard for my goals," said Sean. "I don't get stupid bounced like that."

He went on to score 3 of the next 4 Mad Ants goal en route to a 5-3 win. This included an angry open net goal with 25 seconds left.

"Yeah I could of just cleared the puck, but I chose to score into that open net just to send a message," he continued.

For the navy team, this is back to back loses to the red team, turning a 2-0 record quickly into a 2-2 record.

"We're not too woried," said Rick Armand. "Fuji is coming back from vacation, and we got some games against him. Plus we're surprising Bill Osbahr with cruise tickets right around playoff time."

Rick Bobrycki left the game early to be first at the breakfast table. Veteran move.

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