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Late navy goal earns them a 4-4 tie.

Down a goal late in the game, the navy Masters of Evil needed to score two goals, but would indeed tie the game and get a point in the 4-4 tie.

The navy MOE team beat the winless Legion of Doom on opening day, and has not won since.

This week they needed a late rally just to get a tie.

Two quick goals by Mark Melito had the red Justice Leauge up 2-0 in the first. A stray Brian Armand goal would get navy on the board.

Don Foritini continued the C player scoring, and red was not up 3-1 and that should have been that. But Mike Cormican had a few trucks up his sleeve. After Flanagan and Surette traded goals, Cormican scored two late ones to force OT.

One of them was a beauty.

Flanagan though he had scored the tyring goal, but it was ruled no goal after video review. This allowed Cormican his time in the spotlight.

"We really don't have any stars on this team," said Andy Long. "I think Fortini was our 2nd round pick, and we got the wrong Osbahr."

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