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Big Red takes advantage of penalty shots and turnovers, 6-5.

Big Red had another penalty shot this week, and it was turned aside by Cooz again.

The story of this game though was offense, and alot of it. The teams combined for 11 goals, most off of defensive giveaways, with the Big Red team having one less giveaway in the 6-5 win.

Andy Long had the best pass to the other team, as he set up Lee Fernandez for a clean breakaway goal that turned out to be the game winner with 9:00 to play.

"I heard Brian Armand call for the puck, so I just figured he was open," said Long. "I never saw Lee."

"Brian is never open, and he always calls for the puck," replied Bob Powell. "And I can say stuff like this because I'm probably gonna be traded again anyway."

Trevor Legere had a pair of nice goals for the Big Red team, and should have made the starts list, but was shunned by the writers.

Dan McCarthy had a rare goal in the loss.

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