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Golden Girls shutout The Boss, 9-0.

A goal by Lee Fernandez 5 minutes in proved to be the game winner in a 9-0 nailbiter.

Without Jim Wilkinson in the lineup, the green team offense was doomed. They mustered a handful of shots on Cooz, but only a few were considered "scoring chances."

"I feel real bad about this shutout," said Cooz. "I don't really feel I earned it. "Even Caruso was playing defense right up until the end. Usually guys like that leave the goalies out to dry late in shutout games."

Steve Kaneb had the all important 9th goal with 4:15 left for the final goal of the game.

"Was I suppoes to not score?" asked Kaneb. "I only get a handful a year. Damn right I'm scoring."

"If I knew we were going to get shuout, I would have got a penalty or something," said Marc Teal.

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