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Pantera album cover, or a 7-7 tie?

The Cowboys from hell met their match on Friday, as Big Red and Winterfresh skated to a wild 7-7 tie.

Hot List - Richard Breed - Got on the scoresheet, scored a breakaway goal and had a good game overall this morning. Something we only see once or twice a fiscal year. That combined with Aizanman only turning the puck over 5 times, would be a key cog in the 7-7 tie.

Cold List - Ref Jason - Wrongly called an icing with five seconds left that could have cost the Blue team a hard fought point. It would have been a morale killer for that navy team after tying the game at 7-7 with 90 seconds left. Luckily the navy team had talent like Long and Powell to preserve the tie.

Bonus cold list was Eric Grasso, who took a penalty in OT, that his team managed to kill off. This erased all the good will that his two goal performance amassed.

Lloyd had a rare goal, and no penalties. Was he feeling okay?   And Jimmy D. got a penalty shot, but failed at the attempt.

Both teams are now 1-1-1.

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