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Legion of Doom blow 4-1 lead, lose 7-4.

The yellow Legion of Doom were leading 4-1 when Al Peterson got injured and left the game.

"Well, we still have Jimmy D., so I expect us to still win this game," said Eric Grasso. "And I'm due for a two goal game any week now."

Sadly, after Al left the game, the gold team lit the bed.

The green Avengers scored 6 in a row to win 7-4.

Steve Thompson figured in all 7 goals, and even a few of the gold goals.

"Steve's a two-way player," said Lloyd Johnston.

Goalie Tom Fuji blamed himself, as did most of his team.

"I'll admit I kind of took it easy when we went up 4-1," said Fuji.

It's not looking good for the gold Legion of Doom team now, who fall to 0-3.

Is Brian Leslie in the house ?

more soon...

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