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 Champion Hardy leads navy to the 7-5 win.

Only 7 brave souls showed up for the grean team. They didn't even have a goalie, so Rear Admiral Kriby had to suit up and play net.

We're not sure if all the call outs happened before or after it was known Kirby was playing for Ben or not.

The green Clam Diggers played gutsy, even going down to 6 skaters when Kevin Anderson left with an injury. Somehow despite not getting any rest, they kept up with Steve Hardy and the Jet Skiers.

Martin Tremblay had a pair of goals, and his 2nd goal tied the game at 5-5 early in the third.

"It's easy scoring goals when shooting on Fuji, I know all his weak spots," said Tremblay.

It took a heroic speech by Hardy to get his team going late in the third. He inpsired goals by Zack Armand and Pat Deskin for a 7-5 navy win.

"I couldn't really hear what he was saying," said Deskin. "But it was loud and there was alot of drooling. Mostly from Grasso."

Fuji picked up his first win of the season, and was going to celebrate at Taco Bell later that day.

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