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Ice Bees never warm up in an 8-5 loss.

The Ice Bees went down 3-0 before half the Armands took their first shift.

Only 8 green guys showed up, and with two of them being Jimmy D. and Ragu, it wasn't looking good. But....

Trevor Legere took a pass right off the opening faceoff and made it 1-0 Dazzlecats.

"It's okay, let's get the next one," said Rick Armand.

Less than 30 seconds later Jimmy D. scored and it was 2-0 Cats.

"Alright boys, let's make REAL sure we get the next one," said Armand a little louder.

A few minutes later JA scored with Melito in the penalty box and it was now 3-0 Dazzlecats.

"They have 8 guys over there!!!!" shouted Armand. "They gotta be getting tired now, right?"

A 3 goal lead is the worst lead in hockey. The Ice Bees finally started stinging, and midway through the 2nd period they had tied the game at 4-4 when seldom used Zack Armand scored for the navy team.

"I had some inspiration today,' said Z. Armand.

The Cats though would go on to score 4 of the next 5 and take this one 8-5.

Martin Tremblay had a chance to tie the game, but his breakaway shot ended up in the stands. That was the turning point according to most guys on his team.

Next week the Ice Bees might have to break up the GAG line of Jim Wilkinson, Powerll, and Aizanman.

"I don't know about that," said Melito. "It's a pretty fitting name for them."

For the winners, Al Peterson had a solid game, getting a goal and a helper. JA and Ryan Collins each scored on sub goalie Justin Fortini on breakaways.  We think 7 of the 8 skaters had points for the Dazzlecats.

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