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Cupcakes get a "dramatic" win, 5-4.

Blue holds on for a win after a very late Green comeback, as the Cupcakes were cruising 5-2 in the dying seconds, but Andy Long made it interesting.

Steve Thompson got his first of the season to open the scoring before Green's Martin Tremblay answered to make it 1-1.

"Let's not forget my pass," said Joe Surette.

In the 2nd and 3rd, blue then opened it up getting the next four goals from Deskin, Rick Armand, Kaneb (almost top corner!)  and some guy named Blaine for a comfortable 5-1 lead with just about 7 minutes left in the third. The rout was on.

However, Green coach Rick Breed then put together the "Mozzarella Line" of Melito, Grasso, and Aizanman to wreak havoc in the third.

"Remember, last season I got our team a first place regular season finish," said Breed.

Some of the Cream Horns weren't so sure about coming back from 4 down.

"If we don't clean up on the ice we'll clean up at the breakfast table, I hear they have a spiral ham today," said Melito. 

"Hey have these shirts shrunk since the last time I played?" asked Eric. 

George "Neal Broten" Howard brought the North Stars closer making it 5-2 .

With the goalie pulled and Andy Long sleepwalking on defense, the Mozzarella line got two goals in the last twenty seconds to make it 5-4. But with just 4 seconds left and Long now on the bench, the navy Cupcakes would hang on for the win.

"I tried to get him some confidence by leaving him out there late in a 3 goal game," said Rick Armand of Long. "Won't make that mistake again."

"I think I was out there by myself," said Andy Long who was blamed by an off ice official for letting up the goals. 

Joe Surette almost had a double hat trick of sorts as he had three assists and two penalties.  

"Lloyd would be proud of me," said Joe. 

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