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Rollie gets very little help in 6-4 loss.

Green didn't play much defense this week, and they were on the wrong end of a 6-4 score.

The navy MIdnight Express jumped into the ring early, scoring a pair of quick goals to take a 2-0 lead.

"I worked hard for my goal, "said Darren Aizanman. "Kevin got his handed to him by Rollie trying to pass it around him."

But the Road Warriors have a secret weapon named Eric "Goal a Season" Grasso. Melito and Ragu set him up and Green was on the board.

"I get open and good things heppen," said Grasso.

Pat Deskin then went on his version of a hunger strike. He scored two goals in 2:22 to put green up 3-2. He connected for another in the 2nd, his second on a breakaway, and made it 4-2 Road Warriors.

"Just put me on the cover of NHL 24," said Deskin.

"Best we can do is Buffett Weekly," said Andy Long.

Flanagan's third of the day in that 2nd period cut the lead to 4-3.

In the 3rd, it was all Midnight Express. Flanagan and Kellogg each scored to make it 5-4 navy. Flanagan then had a 2 on 0 with Aizanman, kept the puck himself, and never got a shot off.

He atoned for that sin late in the game with an empty net clinching goal for the 6-4 win.

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