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Chippers get blown away by Leaf Blowers, 8-3.

The Ice Bees, er the Wood Chippers, are wearing the last place navy jerseys very well.

This week they gave up another 8 goals in another loss.

Maybe it is the jerseys. It's been 8 or 9 seasons since the dark jerseys hoisted the cup. In between has been many last place finishes.

The Chippers scored first, and even scored last. But again, in between were 8 Blower goals and an 8-3 loss.

If there's any good news coming out of camp navy, is that Cormican looks to be back on track after a few years in the Jim Wilkinson category. He might need to carry the offense like he used to, as there doesn't seem to be any other scorers on the team.

The news for the green team is much better. Fuji is back to .500 in net. Thomspson is scoring 4-5 goals a game. And Wilkinson is playing like it's 2005, even seeing time on the 2nd line.

"I'm a team player," said Wilkinson. "I play with the good guys, I play with the bad guys."

"I think we got a good squad that will go a solid .500 this season," said captain Onello. "If we can pick up a late Leslie like player, we have a chance to go all the way. I just hope I don't need to run into a tree to get that done."

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