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Golden Girls can't score in 4-0 loss.

Apparently the trade of Phatt Deskiin from the gold team to the navy team before he even played a game, has some rammifications. They failed to score on Friday.

"I really didn't like the guy, but if he'll score some goals, I would have dealt with him," said Andy Long. "Rumor has it that it was Jimmy D. who asked for the trade of Phatt, as Jimmy said he didn't feel safe on the team."

The only two players to appear on the scoresheet for the Golden Girls were Lloyd and Caruso, who both picked up lazy penalties. Except for Lloyd, who obviously did not commit a penalty.

Long set up the first goal, as Todd Nichol put one in the gold net. Gavin set up Thompson for a goal and it was 2-0 after two.

In the third, Melito set up Thompson for his 2nd of the game. The final goal by Grasso was set up by Lloyd.

So yeah, 3 of the 4 red goals were set up by Golden Girls.

"We have a few things we need to work on," said Blaine Bisegna.

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