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Red runs it up at Kasabuski, 9-1.

It was another road game at the Kasbuski rink this week, and this time we had a winner, a clear winner.

If you thought Fuji was in net, you would be wrong, he was at the other rink reducing his GAA to 9.

In this rink we had the red Wind Surfers run out to a 4-1 first period lead, then cruise to the 9-1 win. It's unclear how many A players were not at the game for the Gold team, but it must have been all of them.

Defenseman Trevor Armand had the only Gold goal to avoid a shutout.

"Usually I lose the shutouts late in a game," said Cooz. "Today it was early."

After scoring 4 in the first, the red team scored 4 more in the second. In the third it was Mark Melito putting home a HUGE goal to make it 9-1.

"You never let up when the other team has Gambale," said Andy Long.

Despite the lopsided win, we think most teams are still pretty even.

Check out our great new box score here.