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Night Court gets dismissed in 7-2 loss on opening day.

John Ragu had 4 assists as the green team had an easy opening day win.

Both teams had sub goalies, as J. Fortini and P. Gavin jumped in.

"You mean we're not shooting on Fuji today?" asked Tripp Talbot. "This is BS."

"Yeah but you're worst guy stayed home today," replied Rick Armand. "Next week we'll have Fuji back and you'll have Richard Breed back."

The Wizard Tom Zargaj was back in the BBHC this season, and he made his presents felt. He went pointless, but was only minus 2 in the 7-2 win.

"I felt like it was a step in the right direction," said the Wizard.

Trevor Legere and Darren Aizanman each had a hat trick, and each just barely missed getting on the Weekly Stars list.

"If Ragu doesn't get 4 assists, I'm pretty sure I would have been a star this week," said the DA.

Mike Cormican had just one goal in the 7-2 win, as he continues to embrace his new role as a roll player.

"I'm here to be a locker room guy, not a goal scorer," explained Cormican. "Rich said he needs a Bob Powell type of guy on the team, whatever that means."

Steve Hardy was his usual self.

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