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First ever BBHC game at another rink, ends in a 5-5 tie.

In what was the BBHC version of NHL Europe, two teams were sent to the Kasabuski rink to play week one, in a game that counted.

Note, it wasn't the two best teams, but two teams nonetheless, and it was fitting that neither team won.

So yea, it was the first time in 26 years that a game was not played at Hockeytown or in players' heads. The BBHC physically played a game a the Kasabuski rink in Saugus while the north rink was still under renovation. And you're gonna love the new rink.

It was 4-1 green after one and it looked like an easy win for Bill Osbahr and Ben Minsk. But that wouldn't be the BBHC way. The red team scored 4 in a row to take a 5-4 lead late into the third. It looked like an easy win now for Andy Long and Mark Melito.

But again, that is not how we do things. A goal with 50 seconds left by Flanagan tied the game at 5-5. Not sure how the refs allowed this to happen, but they did.

Neither team scored in OT, and breakfast was not served.

Next week all 4 teams should be back at Hockeytown, and next year we expect this to happen again with the south rink gets renovated.

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