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Cream Horns need OT to get by the Bear Claws, 6-5.

The green Cream Horns took one of the up and coming forwads in the league, and put him on defense. But even with Sean Steigerwald on D, the green team pulled out a 6-5 overtime win.

The Cream Horns rolled out the new Breed-Melito line with hopes of confusing Hardy and Bobrycki.

"It's not that hard to confuse those two guys," said Jimi Wilkinson. "We could have had Fuji play center and they would be confused."

Each team had a veteran returning BBHC player. Rick Murphy was back in his familiar red jersey and Eric Grasso in a green jersey, size medium.

Neither player lost a step and both picked up right where they left off.

"That being the case, I think we got the better of the deal with Murphy," said Tony Onello.

Green led 2-1 after one. Each team then scored 3 in the second. Were both teams shooting on Fuji that period ?

Down 5-4 with time running out, Bear Claws' D man Jake Silk stepped up. He was the best player last season, for about 45 minutes, and showed why. He set up JA for an easy tying goal and we were headed to OT.

The Cream Horns then got serious in OT. A well rested Martin Tremblay gave the puck to the best guy on his team, and Melito made no mistake about it, scoring the winner just 27 seconds into Bonus Hockey.

"Martin did the right thing," said Meilito.  Green wins 6-5.

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