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Juicy rebounds gets Juicy Fruit the win, 3-2.

Mark DeFelippis had a pair of goals and a pair of giveaways in a 3-2 home opener loss...

It was Opening day for the Navy and Gold gum chewers and it started out ugly for Navy. After 20 seconds Yellow was up 1-0 on a goal by Dustin Silk, on DeFilippis' first pass of the morning.

"It was right on the tape," said Silk. Being alone in the slot, this was an easy goal for me. Come to think of it, that was the only pass of the game I got, from either team."

"At that pace, 19 minutes a period, 3 periods, that's a score of 171-0" said a very intelligent Mark Kramer. "I might even get on the  score sheet!" 

"Let's not get carried away," replied Marc Teal.

After that Navy recovered. Although three lead passes by Andy Long all went for icings. The two teams in fact set the BBHC icing record for one period, 27.

"Those guys were much faster three weeks ago." said Andy. "I guess I gotta not lead them as much."

Rick Breed and Fuji, who both went to school with Eddie Shore and who both had a telegraph in their first house, used their veteran leadership to settle things down.

"We promoted some guys up to forward, and that really seemed to cut down on the opposing team's scoring," said Breed.

Juicy Fruit scored all 3 of their goals in the first, Thompson scoring two after the Silk goal. The much maligned DeFilippis shined on forward, picking up both goals for the navy team.

Missing for Navy was the younger Breed who was rumored to be first in line at Burger King for the new Impossible Burger. 

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