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Grinders gallop to 8-1 cupcake win.

Where was everyone ?

When the game started, Mark Kramer was all by himself on the navy bench, and nobody else showed up.

So the navy team had to play with 6 skaters, and though they kept it close for a while, they lost badly.

"It was good to be back at beautiful lavish Hockeytown for another BBHC season and to pad my regular season stats," said Mark Melito. "I might even give Chewie a few passess too."

Someone forgot to tell the Blue team though as they only showed up with six skaters. 

"Dedication starts at the top," said Mark Kramer of missing coach Rick Armand. "We had some Armands show up, just not the good ones. I think Bobrycki was texting Brian just to have a semi decent Armand in the line up today."

As for the game Yellow grinded out a 8-1 victory over the six Blue Wood Chippers. 

Melito, Jimmy D, and Brandon each had two goals and Chewy was the a-hole scoring with ten seconds left

About the only thing the gold Grinders did wrong was Bob Powell forgetting his helmet and using the community helmet in the office.

A big shoutout to Kevin Anderson who was right behind Make-A-Wish candidate Jimmy D on his breakaway but let Jimmy go in on the goalie. 

"I easily could have caught him, but who would have thought he was going to score?" said a very charitable Kevin. "It felt good in my heart to give back to the less fortunate even if it cost us." 

Net week is bring a friend week for the Wood Chippers.

"Can I bring Steve Hardy?" asked Bobrycki.

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