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Andy Long shines in 9-1 win.

There's nobody better when then other team shows up with only 6 skaters.

Yeah the navy Family Ties team, needed a few more family members to show up for this one, as they only had 6 skaters, and they were the wrong six. Bob Powell was elected to be the only guy to not start for them, as he sat on the bench for the opening faceoff.

"Laugh all you want, but this is the best team I've ever been a part of since I joined the league," said Powell who even saw some powerplay time in this game.

The Golden Girls had a full compliment of skaters, and should have gotten Cooz a shutout,but blew that predictably in the third.

"I think we were too concerned about trying to get Jimmy D. or Bill O. a goal today," explained Andy Long was was even in the 9-1 win. "We lost our focus for a second, and allowed a shot on net."

It was 4-0 after one and then 6-0 after two. That's when the gold team took their foot off the gas. Raimo and Lloyd were getting regular shifts at this point. Caruso was the only guy still skating hard for the GG's in the third.

Melito, frustrated on the Jimmy D. line, started taking shots from everywhere. Some were blocked by Al Peterson, and poor Al hobbled off the ice more than once in this game.

"We're challenging Melito to win a scoring title with Jimmy D. on his wing," said Caruso. "I keep reading about how he's the best regular season player in the league. We'll see."

Next week, everyone bring a friend, or a family member.

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