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Frosted Flakes jenners Cheerios, 7-5.

It was open season on the goalies in week one, as 12 total goals were scored.

The Cheerios and Frosted Flakes faced off this morning with the Flakes taking this one 7-5. The Frosted Flakes played GREAT! while the Cheerios had a hole in them.

If he were a major league ball player, a .400 average would put him in the Hall of Fame but Fuji's .400 save percentage has to be better.

It wasn't all his fault, as he was missing two defenseman, so Bill Osbahr and Andy Long drew the short straws and were the 2nd line D.

"While I'm glad to not have to play on a line with Andy, I know that we're gonna give up a lot of goals with him back there," said Mike Cormican.

Rick Armand's army of first round draft picks did their part and Steve Iannetti did his, taking himself out of the game after an injury.

"I'm not sure what happened," said Iannetti. "It was a close game in the third period, and it looked like Rick pushed me over Woody who was on all fours behind me. I know they didn't do that on purpose just to get me out of the game."

Mark Kramer had an interesting breakaway move, as after his shot was stopped by Fuji, he jumped to the ice and tried to head the puck in the net.

Cheerios had 5 different scorers, while FF got a 4 point game from Trevor Legere and a 3 point game from Zach Armand.

"I don't know if Rick sent Zac to hockey school, or if he kept him away from uncle Brian this summer, but he has really improved," said Bill Osbahr.

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