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Chippers make short work of Grinders, 6-1.

Sometimes it comes down to who shows up, and who doesn't. That was the case here in game one of an easy 6-1 Navy win.

This week nobody any good showed up for the yellow team, and they got smoked.

Rick Bobyrcki had a nice pre game poop, and fired 5 shots on sub goalie Fortini before either team had made a line change. None went in, but he did hit a post. The gold team could barely get the puck out of their zone, and after one it was 3-0 navy on goals by Nichol, Lloyd, and Anderson (not Geroge).

Rumor has it that Zack and Jeremy Armand were forced to sleep outside in the heat last night, and were told that's where they would spend the rest of the summer if they didn't skate their butts off in the morning. So they did.

After a shutout busting powerplay goal by Sean Steigerwald with Lloyd in the box for not hooking, the onslaught continued with another Anderson goal. Then the C players stepped up, as Cormican and Kramer each scored for a 6-1 final.

"This game was more one sided than the January 6th hearing," said one player.

"We may have gotten smoked, but out powerplay was outstanding," said Andy Long.

These two teams play game 2 next week.