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Ragu's hat trick lifts red to a 7-5 win.

As long as the navy team didn't allow 11 goals, they would secure 3rd place.

Luckily they only allowed 7.

"We were definitely sweating it out in that third period," said Rick Armand. "Luckily they were missing Melito and Surette, two of their high powered offensive players."

"We scored 5 and that should be good enough for a win at this level," said Mike Cormican. "I'm not sure what the defense and goalie were doing, but me and Brian Armand did our jobs today."

The red Justice League were missing several key players as mentioned, Not only were they the better players, but also the problem players.

"We cruised today and everyone got along," said John Ragu who had a hat trick.

"There was definitely a calming presence felt today," said Don Fortini who did not get a penalty. "Even I was more relaxed."

Maybe that's the key for the red team in the playoffs, just be more relaxed as they face this navy team in a best of 3 series.

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