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Easy 7-0 win for Frosted Flakes to secure 3rd place.

Red just needed a point to lock up first place, but without Melito, they didn't even get a goal.

Marc Princess Teal scored 8 minutes into the game and that would be the game winning goal.

"At the time I kinda figured it would be," said Teal. "I mean, we got Ben in net, so...."

When Steve Thompson scored late in the first the rout would be on. The navy team racked up a 7-0 lead and never looked back.

"I was really torn between getting myself some points or playing defense and getting Ben a shutout," said Rick Armand.

"I was just trying to not ice the puck today," said Mark Wood. "It's just become so natural for me."

Mark Kramer and Jeremy Armand each had a goal as they continue to improve, slowly.

The red team had no answer, as they were missing some key guiys.

"We missed Melito's goal scoring, but I sure got alot more passes today," said Jim Wilkinson.

With the loss and gold's tie, red falls back into 2nd place and will have a rematch with this navy team in the playoffs.

"I think we match up well against them," said John Ambrosino. "I'll shadow Darren like I did today and hold him to just 3 points."

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