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Gold rallies in 3rd and OT to secure first place.

With nothing to play for, Green watched a 3-1 lead with 5:00 to play turn into a 4-3 OT loss.

"Ducks fly together," said one player when they were winning," said a fan of the green team.

"Ducks also crap together," commented Jim Wilkinson.

The gold Juicy Fruit team came into this game with a chance to steal first place, but needed atleast a win or a tie and a tie or a loss by the red team, which they got. Still they needed to take care of business in the south rink.

That wasn't the case early on, as green ran out to a 3-0 lead midway through the game.

"I was going to go check on the score of the other game, but there's no need right now," said Rick Armand.

The tide would turn though. A rare goal by Ragu got yellow on the board in the 2nd. Thenin the third with 5:00 to play, yellow erased the 3-1 green lead. Another Ragu goal, followed by a tying goal by Armand with 1:01 to play would push the game into OT.

With time running out in OT, it was Rick Murphy who split the D and won the game for the yellow team with two ticks left.

"I just got us first place," said and elated Murphy.

"Don't anyone tell him that the red team lost and we only needed a tie," said Marc Teal. "Let him have his moment."

So Juicy Fruit takes first and will play this green Doublemint team in the playoffs.

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