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Green locks up last place with 5-3 loss.

The Green Doublemint team showed more hustle, but the navy Winterfresh team scored more goals.

After a scoreless first period Joe Surette would take a selfish holding penalty, and things looked bleak for Navy.

But JA sent Richard Breed away for a shorthanded breakaway.

Here is a direct stream of conscious/transcript of what Joe Surrette was thinking right before RB4 scored:

1) We're on a penalty-kill, in a tie game, so let's just be conservative here fellas,  
2) Is JA really going to try the flip stretch pass from the goal line to a streaking RB4?  This will never work.  
3) Holy Sheet, the pass snuck by Tripp and RB4 caught the pass.  
4) This is awesome, RB4 is about to go on a breakaway!
5) Oh snap, RB4 is on the breakaway (career 0-19 attempts),
6) Damn, never mind, RB4 tripped on his own skates at the hash mark, what a pathetic breakaway attempt,
7) [Puck flies into net over Ben's shoulder] Holy Sheet he scored! How the hell did he shoot that puck while sliding on his stomach?  
8) I don't know what I just saw, but that may have been the 40th best goal of BBHC all time....

When asked for a comment, Breed replied that the fall was all about misdirection, and he intended all along to make that move.

Uretsky and Wilkinson would score for green to put them up 2-1 as we headed to the third.

Navy exploded for 3 goals to take a 4-3 lead. New pick up Jon Morin added an empty netter for the 5-3 win.

"That's what we brought him aboard," said Andy Long.

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