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Apple Jacks can't get going without Brandon, 5-1 Flakes.

Jeremy Armand didn't need to ride a wrecking ball to score his 2nd of the season and 2nd in 2 games.

"This league is easy," said the newest Armand to the BBHC. "I'm not sure why Zac has trouble getting points on Friday morning. I'm gonna have to ask my dad for a bigger trophy case for Christmas."

Jeremy picked up the GWG on Friday when he scored in the 2nd period on Mike Vieira, who was back in the Apple Jacks net, after hiding as long as he could.

"It's not a good team," said Vieira. "We don't have a number one or number two pick. I tried to find a sub for myself as long as I could, but now I gotta tune up for our two playoff games."

A late 2nd period goal by Thompson made it 3-0. He would tack on two more in the 3rd for a 5-0 lead. Kris Mullaney scored a fluke goal with 3 minutes left to wreck Ben Minsk's shutout bid.

"I told Beef before the game I was getting a shutout, I came close," said Ben.

With the win the Flakes pull ahead of these Jacks and into third place with just one game left.

"If Rick was smart he would have made us tank today so we would be playing Red and not that stacked Gold team in round one," noted Darren Aizanman."I mean, we don't have a chance against that team, unless say, Woody goes on vacation or something."

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