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Cream Horns move into a 2nd place tie with 4-3 win.


The red team has lost 3 in a row now, and they have fallen from first place, into a 2nd place tie with the lowly green team.

"We went from 5-1 to 5-4 real quick," noted John Ragucci. "It has gotten so bad, that I started showing up regularly and even had to resort to scoring goals."

Tony Onello and Brandon Poulin had the other two goals for the floundering Bear Claws.

The green Cream Horns goal two goals each from Sean Steigerwald and Mark Melito. The game winner coming from Sean in the final minute.

Darren Aizanman wrote in 3 assists on the scoresheet. Maybe he should have wrote one in for Melito too.

Surette and Grasso each had quiet games for the winners.

"I don't like all the pressue that the good guys have," said Grasso. "I just fill my role, and fill the water bottles."

Surette had a different take. "As you know I'm a defense first type of guy," he said. "So today I took that role very seriously, and that kept me off the scoresheet."

These two teams are now tied for 2nd place with 11 points.

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