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Hot List & Cold List

Jack Gavin - Hornets

Talk about taking one for the team, he laid himself out in harm's way, got injured, but got the puck out of the zone on the play.

That's the type of heart that is needed in the playoffs.
Jim Wilkinson - Phantoms

Late game heroics again, as TGN ties the game late in the third.
Jimmy D. - Phantoms

His shot from the point made it all the way to the net.

The rebound was banged in to tie the game.
Rob Chiulli - Phantoms

This guy comes at you like an unmade bed.

Refs, old guy, even the boards, he's not opposed to crashing into anything..
Mark Melito - Phantoms

Well it must be playoffs, as he may have tallies a lone assist for his only point in the post season.
Steve Hardy - Raptors

Blocked a shot with his dick today, not a smart idea.

Not for that team anyway.

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