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Hot List and Cold List

John Gambale - Caldor

Scored on the best goalie in the league.
John Ragucci - Caldor

He doesn't skate much, but that means he's never out of position either.

Scored a nice goal while standing still.
Rollie Graham - Caldor

Shutout !!!
Eric Grasso - Lechmere

Not much production this week as he moved up to the 2nd line with Onello out.
Richard Breed - Caldor

Okay, so breakaways aren't his thing.

He hasn't been the same since he stopped having Egg McMuffins before the game.
Marc Teal - Caldor

Things weren't working out on forward, so he want back on defense.

Things didn't go much better, but there's no place else for him to go ?

BBHC 2017