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Hot List and Cold List

Jim Wilkinson -Caldor

After missing the first two games, he showed up this week and scored his team's lonely goal.
Tom Fuji - Woolworths

Allowed just one goal this Friday.

If this keeps up, he'll have his lifetime GAA below 10 in no time.
Mark Wood - Bradlees

After missing the first two games, it was good to have this defenseman back on offense.
Darren Aizanman - Lechmere

Now you see me, now you don't.
Rick Armand - Bradlees

What was he thinking on that breakaway ?

Either he tried a drop pass, or just went full RB4 and lost the puck.
Mike Saia = Caldor

We know he missed a season or two, and it rusty.

But an open net is an open net.

BBHC 2017