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Raptors shot down for the 6th time in a row.

Make it six losses in a row for the red team, though it was alot closer than we expected.

The final was 6-1, but honestly we had this more like 12 or 13 to 1 as teams on opposite ends of the standings met.

"In my eyes it was 6-2," said Tripp. "The refs missed an obvious goal and that change the complexity of the game."

"It's all about the ideal gas law," commented Richard Breed. "It made a soft pad sound not a hard pad sound."

"What the hell are these guys talking about," laughed Andy Long. "They got smoked."

Dustin Silk put red up 1-0, but the next six goals were scored by the Eagles.

New goalie Jeff Riley picks up his first win in his first BBHC game.

"Just so we're clear Jeff, not all games will be this easy," explained Brian Armand after the game.

Incidentally, BA had the final goal of the game with just over 4 minutes left. Borderline Kotex point right there.

Next week these same two teams meet in the back end of the home and home series.

"Oh good," replied Mike Vieira.


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