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Powell steps up, but is let down by the Green defense, 7-2.

The Green Party needed a saviour, but they settled for Bob Powell. He got no help in a 7-2 loss.

There was a mix up, and green had no goalie. They had a nationwide search at the rink, and Bob Powell volunteered to take the loss.

When it was announced that Powell was playing net, a few guys on the green team asked if Teal could play net, and have Powell skate out.

"What, just because I take up more of the net?" asked Teal.

"Okay guys, we need to play alot of defense, and block alot of shots today," said Richard Breed as he gave his pregame speech. "So basically let's just play this game like Fuji is our goalie."

"It's next guy up for us," said Brian Armand. "This team was built around bad goalies and no defense, so we should be fine."

The Green Party actually went up 1-0 on a Brian Armand goal, and Powell pitched a shutout through 18 minutes. Finally the damn broke as Thompson scored his first of five on the day, and the rout was on.

If not for several missed breakaways by Todd Nichol, and a hit post by Mark Kramer, the 7-2 score could have been alot worse.

Jack Gavin had a nice one timer goal, though it was completely unnecessary with the score 5-1 and the game in hand.

Truly a heroic effort by Powell getting thrust into the net like Teal jams 14 donuts in a box for 12.

"All I know is that the scoring title is now tainted, seeing as Thompson took advantage of the situation today and got 6 points," said Joe Surette. "I'm not gonna be the one to tell Melito."

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