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Starcraft bested by Ben in 5-2 loss.

If it wasn't for blocking shots, Steve Hardy would probably never touch the puck. But that was huge today for the green team in a 5-2 win.

As Judge Smails once said, "The world needs ditch diggers too."

That seems to be the Hardy creed as of late. He doesn't need to be a star, to drive my car. ( I could do this all day.)

Green took a 3-1 lead after one, but a 2nd period goal by Joe Smith pulled red to within a goal at 3-2.

But in the 3rd period the red spiral continued. They started the season with 5 straight wins, but have dropped 3 of 4 as of late, including this loss after failing to score in the 3rd.

"Hardy kept getting the way," said Mike Cormican. "Not to mention every shot we did get on Ben hit him square in the logo."

"Gavin has to be better," said Armand. "He wants to play on the 2nd line, then he's gotta pull his weight."

But despite all the bad news, red is still in first place and controls their own destiny.


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