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Monopoly puts up 7 in easy win.

The green Monopoly team blew a 3 goal lead once, but did not a second time.

Ted Kerrigan made his first appearance since the 2015 summer season where he put up 7 points. This time though he was in net, and he came away with the 7-4 win.

Goals came quick and in a bunch for the green team as Joe Smith scored just 16 seconds in for a 1-0 lead. Before the game was even 5 minutes old, Trevor Legere scored on his own rebound and then Darren Aizanman scored into a wide open net during a scramble in front of the Candyland net for a 3-0 lead.

"I know it was an open net, but that may be enough to get his confidence back," said Rick Armand.

A frustrated red team then took things out on the officials. Rob Chiulli looked right at one official and shot the puck, on purpose right at him.

The ref to his credit stayed upright and in the game, gutting out some serious and obvious pain.

At the next whistle Phatt Deskin went into action.

"Someone grab the first aid kit, I'll grab that box of donuts on the table," said Deskin.

"I saw the whole thing," said Brian Armand. "It looked like he was trying to hit you."

Candyland rallied though, tying the game at 3-3 with a late first period goal, then two quick ones to start the second. But Monopoly would score 4 of the next 5 goals as they pulled away and left the red team in the dust.

Late in the third Monopoly had to adjust the lines though when one skater left.

"Hey Raimo left, so we need a guy on right wing," said Jim Wilkinson.

"It was Kramer that left, not Raimo, he's on the ice right now," replied Don Fortini.

"Kramer, Raimo, Smith, same thing," said Wilkinson.


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