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Rolling along as Rock cruises to 7-3 cupcake win.

The green Rolling Rock may have only had 8 skaters, including all five C players, but they knocked off a solemn red team by four goals.

Interim coach McCarthy ignites Iannetti should have been the headline, as someone finally squeezed some juice out of that old lemon Iannetti.

"If you get three goals a calendar year out of Iannetti you are doing well," said Pat Deskin. "But when you get three goals in one game, well that's God Mode for sure. Kudos to McCarthy for whatever he said to Iannetti before the game."

"I told him that if he didn't score, he was going back on the Raimo-Murphy line," laughed McCarthy.

It was 2-2 after one before Iannetti worked his magic. He would score three and McCarthy chipped in two of his own, as the green team routed the lowly red team 7-3.

These two teams now are in a dogfight for 2nd place, neither should catch the first place PBR team, and thus we should see these two teams meet in week one of the playoffs.


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