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Socialists can't make it two in a row, as they fall 7-1.

Libertarian captain Rick Armand got some bad news right before the game, when he was informed that Bob Powell was needed to play goalie for the green team in the other rink.

"Could we have Powell play net for us and they could take Ben?" asked Armand.

That decision would required more approval, and there was not time for that, so Powell was a Green Party member for a day.

"It's a huge hole we have to fill now," said Rick Murphy. "We're gonna have to open the bench door ourselves."

The gold team courageously ventured on without their last round pick.

"Powell has one goal this season, and we're gonna miss that offense today," commented Lloyd.

Seven goals later the gold team had themselves a 7-1 win. A lone goal in the 3rd by Cormican wrecked Ben's shutout bid.

"Did this team really win with only six guys last week, or are you shitting me?" asked Cormican.

"We had the right six last week," replied Grasso. "It was happier times."

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