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Clue outskates Candyland, 5-1.


It seems like every week Tom Fuji is either getting a shutout, or almost getting a shutout. We're not sure how he's doing it with this core of defensemen, but he is.

This week he came within 4:33 of another one, but a pass from behind the net hit his stick and went in between his legs. Rumor has it that Mike Uretsky kicked it in his own net, but that rumor was dispelled by CNN.

"The important thing is the W," said Defenseman Mark Wood who was watching the play from center ice. "As a team we're not that concerned with shutouts."

Andy Long opened the scoring with a fluke. A missed shot by Brian Leslie caromed around the boards. Long stopped the puck and fired it on the net while Rollie was making sure the post was back on the goal line.

"That's such and Andy Long goal," said John Gambale. "Who would do such a thing?"

That was the only goal of the first. In the second a blast from Leslie handcuffed Rollie for a 2-0 Clue lead. Gambale then scored the goal of the game.

JA dropped to block the shot, but Gambale cleverly bounced the shot off of JA's ass, up in the air, and over Rollie just dropping in the net.

That made it 3-0, and that would be that. Caruso's goal with 4:33 left in the third that went in off of Fuji's stick finally got Candyland on the board.

Goals by Dan McCarthy and then another controversial Long goal with 2 seconds left accounted for the 5-1 final.

Marc Teal was minus 4 with one penalty.


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