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Finland falls to Poland, 4-1.

The Poles were dancing on Friday, as they kept their 4 point lead over 2nd place Sweden with an easy 4-1 win over the once proud Finland team.

Poland had Cormican and Vieira back in the lineup for the first time in weeks. Bill Osbahr also made the game.

"Alot of guys had to reintroduce themselves," noted Brian Leslie.

After a scoreless first, Leslie went coast to coast to put the red team up 1-0. Three minutes later Melito tied it for the Fins, but that would be all the navy scoring.

Phil Andrusin was checked by Ted Miller in the first period on a breakaway, but in the 2nd, he was able to finish a breakaway without being violated and he scored for a 2-1 red lead.

In the third Osbahr and Aizanman each scored, as the Poles were running away with it at 4-1.

The flat Fins would not rally, and lose their 5th in a row. They are now tied in last place with Germany.

"We're disappointed in Chewie and Melito," said Al Peterson. "We were told at the draft how good they were together. We now see how one drags down the other."

Poland has won 5 in a row and alone in first place.

"It's nice to have Cormican back," said Osbahr. "Not thrilling, but nice."


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