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Sweden sweeps the Fins with 6-5 win.

The Green Sweden team showed up with eight again but somehow managed another victory over the shorthanded Blue Finland team 6-5.

Without his dad around to provide on ice security, JA Ambrosino seemed intimidated by guys like Marc Teal and Rick Murphy. He scored a pair of goals, but was running scared for most of the game.

"My dad was here, so I felt safe," noted Richard Breed.

Rick Breed was at the rink, but not in uniform, as he was coaching the green team on this day.

"I was gonna get dressed, but I didn't see anyone in the locker room that would pass to me, so I said why bother getting all sweaty for nothing," noted the elder Breed.

"We were missing Tony and Melito today," said a somber Chewy. "I had no one to pass it to." 

It was back and forth with both teams taking leads but both teams clawed their way back. Blue thought they had their final lead after Jake scored a nice wrister with ten minutes left.

"Now it's all on our defense," said Jake. "I've done my part."

But JA tied the score 5-5 four minutes later.

With about a minute left and Richard Breed flat on the ice again, he somehow managed a pass towards the crease that forward for a day Jon Morin knocked home for the game winner. 

"I'm glad the game didn't go on longer," said candidate for assist for the year Andy Long. "We could have lost by two". 

"No way," said unabomber scorer Ed Coughlin. "Ben is on vacation and we had a solid goalie in Ryan in there today." 

Morin would then put the nail in the coffin, as he scored with 1:05 to play, and the green team would skate away with another one goal win.

"We seem to do better without Grasso," said Morin. "Now if only Hardy would stay home once in a while..."


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