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Gold gets a home and home sweep with 2-1 win.

Gold comes away with a sweep of the first place red team with a 2-1 win this week.

"As coach of today's winning team I nominate Rollie for the Hot List," said Andy Long. "He played well, for him, and stopped the losing coach Armand on a penalty shot with about three minutes left to preserve the Yellow Victory."

We haven't confirmed said penalty shot or the result of said shot, but if true, it would be huge in a slim 2-1 win.

JA took a pass from DeFilippis and put yellow up 1-0 on the first shift, and Joe Surette was quickly minus one.

The game went scoreless until the third period when Mark Kramer through the red team on his back and tied the game at 1-1.

"Surette did all the work," noted Kramer. "If he didn't fall down, I would have never had that opportunity."

But about a minute later yellow was back on top. JA and Fortini set up DeFelippis for the GWG.

That would stand up, and after last week's 6-1 win, Chris Craft followed it up with a 2-1 win and a sweep of the first place red team. It was the first two wins of the season for yellow, and it gives them some hopes for a playoff berth.

For red it was the first two losses of the season.

"I hope Woody heals up in time for me to pick him up for our playoff run," said Armand.


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