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Poland sweeps Germany with 6-3 win.

Poland won be 3 last week, and they won by 3 again this week.

Steve Iannetti had two goals, and when that happens, the odds of winning the game are 100%.

The Poles went up 2-0 after one and then 4-2 after two, as they led from box to wire.

Three goals by Steve Thompson didn't do much but add to his own personal stats, and he was perfectly fine with that.

After Iannetti's 2nd of the game in the final period, Brian Leslie added the 6th Poland goal and that was that. A nice and clean 6-3 win.

With the loss Germany falls into last place.

"How does Tony Onello deal with this season after season?" asked Rick Armand about being in last place. "I feel...dirty."

"I welcome the roll of the underdog," said Tripp. "Well that, and I know we'll probably make a trade right before playoffs if we need to."

"Why is everyone looking at me?" asked Bob Powell.


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