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Raptors just keep on falling, 6-3 Hornets.


The last place red Raptors have made it 4 losses in a row.

This week they dropped the 2nd of back to back games against a mediocre gold Hornets team.

Dustin Silk had a pair of goals, but that was about all the good news for the red team. Richard Breed had one, but it still having trouble finishing breakaways.

JA was all over the scoresheet for the gold team, as was Tony Onello, who is having a flashback season.

Rollie was strong in net for the Hornets, and Vieira was also strong in net for the red team, and had no stick issues this week.

Mark Wood cashed in with his first goal, and he said it felt good to get the monkey off his back.

"It felt good to get the monkey off my back," said Wood.

Joe Surette seemed to sleep walk through this game, claiming he was shadowing Mike Cormican, so that would explain it.

The 4th place Raptors just lost back to back games to the 3rd place team, and it doesn't look like they'll be winning any time soon.

And as far as the Hornets go, they just won two games and are still stuck in third place.

"How does that happen?" asked Jack Gavin.

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