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Finland blows it in third, 5-4 Sweden.

The navy Finland team had a 4-2 lead after two, and then....

Yeah the Green team could have packed it in with only eight guys showing up this week but after getting down 4-2 they dug deep and came away with a surprising 5-4 victory. 

"Everyone played hard today and contributed" said Ed Coughlin.

"This could be a turning point for our season" said JA. "Meaning the old man had to turn around and go back home because he forgot his skate, and missed the game."

"Even I hustled today" said a tired Eric Grasso "But I wouldn't print out the Green Championship T-shirts just yet, I don't like hustling." 

Melito and Chewie had the blue team up 2-0 after one. Another Melito goal and one by Jake gave them four, but as mentioned the green guys had two thanks to Whittemore and Grasso.

"If we can't contain their bottom guys, we're in trouble," said Onello after two periods, and he was right.

Ben somehow shutout the Fins in the third period, and that allowed a great Sweden come back win. George Howard scored to continue the C player attack.

Finally a halfway decent skater scored, when Morin tied the game with 11:20 left. Then it was the C players again, as Andy Long chipped in the winning goal with 2:00 to play.

"I think we had the right eight today," said Long. "If this could be our playoff roster, get our Champ shirts ready."


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