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A Schlitz storm, 6-2 Old Milwaukee.

The middle of the pack teams met in a defenseless matchup.

It was like watching the NBA finals, with just a tad less diving.

OM jumped all over Schlitz early. Trevor Legere banged one home about 7 minutes into the first, then Jack Gavin found himself in front all alone for the 2nd red goal.

A steal by Jon Morin led to the 3rd OM goal, as nothing was going as planned for the gold team.

"We got a nice mix of family talent on this team," said John Gambale. "Richard Breed has speed but no hands, conversely Rick Breed has neither, so they offset. Trevor Armand has speed but no luck, and Brian Armand has no hands, no speed, and bad luck."

Speaking of bad luck, Mark Wood finally cracked the Wall of Ben to get Schlitz on the board off a deflection.

"Yeah that hit me, I meant to do that," explained Wood on the goal.

In the third three more goals by red put it away. JA sniped one top side on a nice wrister, then he scored one from a bad angle. Mark DeFelippis scored a Kotex goal late in the game for the 6-2 final.

Steve Thompson scored a goal somewhere in the third, but it had no meaning except to his personal stats.

Looking forward, this should make for a great Consolation Game.


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