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Cris Craft shocks unbeaten Starcraft, 6-1.

The laughing stock of the league had the last laugh in a 6-1 win over previously unbeaten Starcraft.

"It's not a loss, it's a set back," said Rick Armand. "I mean we went 5-0 with Gavin, Iannetti, and Whittemore as our first line. Talk about an expansion draft. But these guys are clicking like the Vegas Knights. Once we get Surette and Lloyd back in the line up, we'll be back to our winning ways."

Andy Long had a different take on the game.

"The scouting report said Viera has trouble with bouncing 180 footers, especially early in the game," noted Long. "Sure enough one minute into the game Chewy fired one off the boards from deep in his own end, it took a bounce just before the crease, hopped over Viera's stick and into the net for a 1-0 yellow lead before Murph even hit the ice."

It just got better for the Gold team from there. DeFilippis connected a minute later on a 2 on 1 break with JA and it was 2-0. Before the first period ended JA scored one of his own on a breakaway and it was 3-0.

Red showed no life, going 0 for 2 in the first on the PPG, and a total of 0 for 4 on the day.

In the 2nd JA made it 4-0 on a 4th rebound attempt on poor Vieira. Chewie scored his 2nd of the game, this time from the offensive zone and he blasted one head high on Vieira and in the top corner, 5-0.

A shot from George Howard hit Whittemore and went in behind Rollie with 6:44 to play in the game to wreck his shutout.

JA rounded out the scoring with 2:00 left for the 6-1 final.

Phil Andrusin was traded to the Gold team midweek, but had zero points against his old team.

"I guess that's why we traded him," noted Gavin.


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