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Gold loses again, this time 6-3.

The Summer season will have to wait one more week for the Gold team to get a win.

This week they fell 6-3 to a mediocre Navy team and are now 0-4-0-1 in the standings.

"We did our best," said Mike Raimo. "But I guess our best wasn't good enough."

A high scoring first period had navy up 3-2.

Early in the 2nd Trevor Legere tied it at 2-2, setting up a Whopper (tm) of a third period.

That Whopper (tm) turned into more of a Happy Meal (tm) with navy getting the prize at the bottom. Melito, Nichol, and Jimmy D. found the net as Navy skates away with a 6-3 win.

"Bill Osbahr looked more like Derek today," noted Tripp. "Not so much for his skating, but for the equipment. I think that actually helped him get a goal too."

"It's still early in the season," noted Bob Powell on a Skype call after the game. "What are we in week 5 or something? We got plenty of time to get a win."

"I dont think we have a bad team," said Andy Long "We are just one hip short of contending.  I need to score too. I'm going to ask Melito how to be more selfish." 


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