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Bradlees wins a bizarre game, 5-2.

The day started with Lechmere goalie Mike Bocuzzi getting in an accident on the way to the game. He's okay, but the team had to suit up Lloyd for the first period until Cooz arrived.

"We were trying to figure out who would play net," said Mike Uretsky. "We first started with our worst players and our Canadian players, luckily we had both in one player."

Lloyd did an admirable job for 17 minutes until Cooz arrived and took the ice. In full disclosure, the teams agreed to play but not keep score until both teams had a "real" goalie. So the 6-0 Bradlees lead was for bragging rights only.

It didn't take long for Bradlees to score and have it count. 49 seconds into the 2nd period had the navy team up 1-0. They scored twice more for a 3-0 lead after two.

"There really was no talk about trying to win this one for Cooz," said Tony Onello. "I think we knew we couldn't."

Early in the third there was talks of a shutout for goalie Ben Minsk. Immediately Lechmere scored, and that was the end of that. It's still not clear whom was talking shutout at the time.

Bradlees tacked on two more to pull away and take this one eventually 5-2.

"I know this is the worst team in the league, and their goalie was rattled from his accident, but we were still happy with the win," said Andy Long.


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