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Green scores 7 in a close win.

Okay so there may have been two open net goals, but still, it was a 7-4 win.

Phatt had to leave with 9 minutes left. It’s no coincidence the Green Party blew the game open after that.

It was 3-3 after one as goals were coming in bunches.

"This is what happens when the best offensive players go up against the worst defensive players," said Mark Wood. "And I had a goal, just so we're clear which camp I'm in."

In the 2nd each team scored a goal and we were still tied.

Exit the Phatt Man. Green then scores 3 unanswered goals in the final period.

Rick Breed’s game winner was a rocket wrister from the slot. He taunted the hapless gold team by shoving his sword back into its holder on his hip. Power gesture.

Joe Surette and Mark Melito each scored into the open net to pad their personal stats.

"I'm pretty sure I got screwed out of some assists again today," said Bob Powell.    

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