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Caldor has trouble finding open net in 2-1 loss.

The gold team took just 90 seconds to find the net, but never found it again in a 2-1 loss. Not even Mike Saia, who had this open net chance.

"It's tough trying to keep up with guys like Jimmy D.," said Saia.

When Fuji only gives up two goals, you betta win the game. It's like Fuji 2.0 right now.

Derek Osbahr scored a pair of goals in the 2nd, and that's all that Woolworth would need.

Nobody scored in the 3rd, and the green team improves to 3-0.

Caldor falls to 1-1-1, but hope is not lost.

"We have alot of guys that sometimes take a half a season or so to find their groove," noted Rick Breed. "I suspect we'll be in the hunt down the stretch, whether we need to trade Surette or not."

"We got the best player in the league and also Melito, so I think we'll be fine," said Marc Teal.

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