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Poland pushes past Sweden, 8-3.

The league began back in 1998 with Germany, Finland, Poland and Sweden facing off.

For the 20th year the league went with the throwback team names, but we don't remember Poland winning in week one back then.

It could be a tough season for Team Sweden after getting flogged by Team Poland 8-3. Even after playing well and allowing 8 goals, goalie Ben Minsk had a positive attitude.

"It's nice playing with Rick Breed and Dan S again, hearing their stories of what it was like playing with Eddie Shore, and no helmets."

"Is Eddie Shore, Paulie Shore's brother or something?" asked young Richard Breed.

"Totally", said Rick Breed.

Helmet or no helmets this one was 3-0 Poland before the stories even began. Wilkinson, Leslie, and Cormican, yeah that Cormican, had the red team up 3-0.

"I don't remember it being this easy to score on Friday mornings," said Cormican.

Four more Poland goals in the second had Poland firmly in control. Sweden did manage a pair of goals in the middle period for a 7-2 score. Dan Santanello had one of the Sweden goals.

"I've been away so long, it's tough adjusting to the speed of Friday mornings again," noted Santanello.

"You mean we got faster, right?" asked Steve Hardy.

A pair of last round picks in Breed and Gambale each scored in the third to round out the 8-3 final.

"I felt real bad walking around Morin to score my goal," said Gambale. "I'm usually not like that."

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