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Raptors shoot down Eagles in a 2-1 nailbiter.

The fall 2018 season kicked off with a close low scoring game in the north rink.

All 3 goals were scored in the first period, and all within a 2:30 span.

The Green Eagles got off to a slow start as two of the first three Red shots found the back of the net. 

Darren Aizanman had all three shots as he made his triumphant return to the BBHC by scoring his team's first goal of the season.

The Green offence was still in off season form as they could only muster a single goal by Trevor Legere, as he tied it for the green Eagles team two minutes later.

But the DA put his team back on top 90 seconds after that goal.

"He's no Mike Cormican that's for sure," said Raptor captain Rick Breed.

After that Fuji settled down and shut them down the rest of the way. As did the other guy.

"It was defense," said defenseman Steve Hardy of the low scoring game. "Well that and we don't have Andy Long on the team, but they do."

"Andy is a slow started, we all know that," said Eagle skipper Rick Armand. "Give him 10 weeks or so and he'll be up on the 2nd line."

The line of Gambale and Teal could be the best combo this season once they start clicking.

Green actually outshot Red but Mike Viera was in mid season form and was sharp through out the game

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