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Old Milwaukee old guys get the job done, 6-3.

We're not sure if they are more old or more angry. Either way, it was a solid 6-3 opening day win.

John Ragucci had the only goal of the first, as OM went up 1-0.

Then 4 angry goals in the 2nd, would have OM up 5-1 and it was a laugher. Mr. Regular Season JA Ambrosino scored in the third for a 3 point day, and that was that.

Goals by Murph and Armand made the score respectable, but it was too late, Rolling Rock had hit rock bottom.

"We may not be as angry as the red team, but we're definitely as old," said Bob Powell who went pointless.

"Hopefully next week someone stays home," Jim Wilkinson a one team BBHC season scoring winner. "We don't have chemistry when we have everyone."

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