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Starcraft sails by Grady White, 5-4.

The summer 2018 season started off with a high scoring affair, with the red team slipping by the green team 5-4 thanks to a Joe Smith GWG in the third period.

It started with very little offense, as Phil Andrusin had the only goal of the first, for a 1-0 red Starcraft lead.

In the 2nd, both teams abandoned defense, as they combined for 5 goals with Starcraft up 4-2. Mike Cormican had 2 of the 3 red goals.

"It's week one, we haven't gelled yet," said Steve Hardy. "Give us 11 more weeks."

Early in the third Joe Smith put red up 5-2, and nobody knew at the time it would be the GWG.

"Actually I had a feeling it would be," said Rick Armand. "The way our 2nd line was playing, I knew we'd give up atleast 2 more goals."

That's exactly what happened, as Luke Steigerwald and Jon Morin cashed in for the green Grady White team.

But time would run out and red would hang on for the win.

"It's important to lose early in the season," said Onello. "I've lived by that motto for 20 years now on Friday mornings."

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