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Finland halts the German attack, 3-2.

The league began back in 1998 with Germany, Finland, Poland and Sweden facing off.

For the 20th year the league went with the throwback team names, but we don't remember Germany losing in week one back then.

After Jake Steigerwald and Mark DeFilippis put Finland up 2-0, Dustin Silk got Germany on the board.

The teams skated a scoreless 2nd. Then in the third, Mr. Regular Season Mark Melito put Finland up 3-1.

"I'm gonna prove I can do this without Chiuilli, even if he's on my team," said Melito.

Chewie picked up the game's only penalty, and maybe it wasn't he carrying Melito after all, but the other way around.

A late goals by Steve Thompson cut the lead to 3-2, but that's how it finished.

"Tony hasn't learned yet that you're suppose to lose the first game, it takes the heat off you for a few weeks," noted Rick Armand.

Mike Raimo had assists on both the Germany goals.

"I think I'm becoming a smarter player," said Raimo after the game.

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