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Finland sweeps Germany with an 8-1 nail biter.


Wow, this one wasn't even close. After last week's 5-1 win, Finland rolled to an 8-1 win here in game two to sweep the series.

Germany scored first as Dustin Silk got the gold team on the board just 1:55 in. That would be all the scoring for the Germans.

"Any team that can only score one goal on Fuji doesn't deserve to be in the finals," said Mike Uretsky. "Much of this loss falls on the back of guys like Ragu and Raimo. You need those role players to come up big in the playoffs and that didn't happen."

Jason Kellogg tied the game later in the first period, and that would be the first of eight unanswered goals by the Fins, as they scored two in the 2nd and then five in the 3rd for the 8-1 final. Kellogg finished with 4 points on the day.

"This team worked hard all year, and we did it as a team," said Tony Onello. "It's gonna be real hard telling some of these guys they can't play next week in the Finals. I'm not saying who, as it's gonna be a game time situation, much like the Super Bowl was."

"I hope you're not talking about me," replied Marc Teal. "I've been the Steve Hardy of this team all season. Heck I've even been the Rick Murphy of this team when you asked me to be."

Finland takes on Poland next week in a one game winner take all match.

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