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Poland skates by Sweden in game one, 7-4.

The last place Sweden team kept it close, but in the end the better team would win by 3 goals.

Usually the last place team does put up a fight in game one, and this season was no exception. But usually the last place team falters in the end, and this season was no exception.

It was 2-2 after two as the green Swedes had some hope. Grasso and Lloyd traded 2nd period goals as the C players did what they could for their teams.

Despite the tie after two periods, the final 19 minutes was all red Poland. A four goal outburst would put game one in the books and put the series in jeopardy for the last place Swedes.

"We were okay losing 6-4, but when Gambale scored with 25 seconds left, that really was a kick in the nuts," said Andy Long. "That guy must lead the league in meaningless goals."

"They call me the closer," chuckled Gambale. "I come in late in the game fresh, and put the final nail in the coffin."

Next week the green team needs to win and then win the mini game if they want to avoid a Consolation Game appearance.

Poland just needs to tie, but we here think it's gonna be a pretty lopsided game.