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Finland flies by Germany, 5-1.

Sometimes it comes down to fundamentals. Finland played a safe but solid game in game one.

These two teams were evenly matched through the season, but in game one the Fins smothered the Germs in all faucets of the game. It felt like they got a stick on every pass and every shot. Even guys like Mark Kramer and Marc Teal contributed.

Mark Melito, not known for his playoff contributions, chipped in with two goals, one backcheck, and one helper. All in all a complete game for him.

Chiulli, Kellogg, and Crazy Legs Smith provided some backup offense for the Fins, but tenacious D was the theme for this game.

"Everyone but Al Peterson played well in the win for us," said Melito.

Goalie Tom Fuji nearly had the shutout, but a short side goal by Rick Armand during a scramble with 2:44 left ended that.

"Hey that's okay, that just means we get to play an extra game with the mini game," said Armand. "We do keep playoff points right? I mean, they count towards my season don't they?"

Sub goalie Ted Kerrigan played okay for Germany, but one goal is not gonna get you many wins on Friday morning.