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Poland roles again, 5-4.

The red team was just tuning up for the playoffs, and they won anyway.

Finland actually had a 3-2 lead headed into the third, before it all fell apart.

Leslie, Cormican, and Aizanman all scored to lift the red team to an unneeded win.

"I think we needed to make a statement," said Cormican. "There was alot of chirping from guys like Teal and Onello on that navy team before the game."

"In all honesty, this was a meaningless game for us too," noted Jake. "Win or lose, we were going to play the winner of the other team. So I don't know about the other guys, but I really didn't try that hard today."

The real shame of it all was Rick Murphy's wasted multi goal game. They don't happen often, and it comes this time n a 5-4 loss.

"Well Melito sucked in the regular season, so I can only hope he shows up for the playoffs," noted Rob Chiulli.


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