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Blue gets another shutout from Vieira in 6-0 win.

The red team gets clobbered again, as they limp into the playoffs losing their last three.

The 6-3 Communists fell to 6-6, not only losing three, but losing them badly. Meanwhile the Socialists who got off to a worse start than Grasso's diet, have rallied at the end of the regular season, taking 2nd place and getting two shutouts in a row from their aging goalie Mike Vieira.

Tony Onello is another BBHC veteran who is turning his career around, and he scored the GWG just 1:34 into the contest. It was the only goal of the first, and the only one they would need.

Uretsky and Silk made it 3-0 in the 2nd, then Caruso and Jimmy D. each had Kotex points in the third for the 6-0 final.

"Normally I would blame our goalie, but we didn't score a single goal, so he's off the hook," said Tripp.

"We can't win with Bill on the ice or on the bench coaching," explained Dan McCarthy. "This week we had him stay away from the rink completely, and still nothing. I'm out of ideas as this point."

The Socialists slide into 2nd place and the Communists fall all the way back into 3rd. These two squads will play each other in the playoffs starting next week.

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