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Life ends the season in style, with an 11-3 romping.

After quickly falling behind 1-0, the yella team would score 11 of the next 13 goals in an 11-3 blowout win to end the regular season.

Mark DeFilippis had no problem scoring all kinds of weird goals, especially in the late stages of the game where most people were just standing around.

"You call it standing around, I say it was pure hustle on my part," said Mark.

Life went up 3-1 after one, and then a Joe Smith goal cut that lead to just 3-2 early in the 2nd. But in the second half of  that middle period, Life ripped off 3 goals to go up 6-3.

The third was more of less like watching the music show between periods at an NHL outdoor classic game, everyone just wanted it to be over.

When the dust settled, Life had themselves the easy 11-3 win over 3rd place Monopoly.

"Was that the first place team?" asked Bill Osbahr.

"Um, you're the first place team," replied the ref.


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