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C players shine in final week, 7-5 Caldor.

To the victors, or Victors, as the case may be, was a first place finish.

Also to the victors was a date with the red hot Red team and their new goalie, so it became a game of who wanted it less.

Green ran out to a 3-0 lead on a breakaway goal from Dan McCarthy, a rebound goal from Jimmy D., and then one from Steve Iannetti as the C players came to play.

Eventually Jon Morin had to convey to the team that captain Bill Osbahr sent out a memo to lose this game to avoid playing Red in the playoffs.

Caldor would fire off 7 of the next 9 goals to "win" this one 7-5.

Tom Fuji made a ton of great saves, while his team was playing for the loss.

"He almost screwed it all up for us," said Al Peterson.

"I know we were supposed to lose today, but after I got one assist, I had to keep on going," explained Mark Melito. "I had 5 assists, can you just double check that?"

So Gold takes first place and will take on Red Lechmere. Green will take on Navy Bradlees in round one.


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