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Grady White sloops and slips by Boston Whaler, 5-3.

Two teams in the middle of the pack who will face each other in the playoffs played a close one on Friday.

The playoffs could come down to officiating rather than who scores the most goals, according to some players on the navy team.

"Three goals is plenty," said Tripp. "But when you're playing against two teams out there, it's hard to win."

Green went up 2-0 in the first. Melito cut the lead to 2-1, before goals by Caruso and Scott Onello had green well in command.

A third period goal by a rusty Marc Teal had cut the lead to just one again. But that's as close as navy would get thanks to the teams in green and black and white.

" I really hope we can get Adam and Beef to ref our playoff game in two weeks," said Teal. "Atleast then it would be a fair game."

Each team has one more game to sort things out before they submit their playoff rosters.


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