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Starcraft's turn to club Chris Craft, 6-3.

This week it was the red team's turn to beat up on the lowly gold team.

It was close for two periods, which in itself was a victory for the gold team. In fact, they had a 1-0 lead when JA scored.

But the good times wouldn't last for the gold team, as the red team made a full line change, leaving rookie Trevor Armand on the ice all by himself for a few seconds. He would go coast to coast to tie the game.

"So apparently hockey skill only skipped one generation in his family," said one of the red players.

Then at the end of the first period, Don Fortini tripped Joe Smith, and Crazy Legs was given a penalty shot.

Smith picked up the "puck" at center, but had a hard time controlling the foam product. Eventually he stopped, and the shot was reset with a real puck.

This time he had no problem and went in and scored to make it 2-1.

Then early in the 2nd Lloyd took a shot the bounced off of Mark Kramer's stick and in the net for a goal. George Howard followed that up with a goal on a rebound of a Jack Gavin shot and a 1-0 gold lead had turned into a 4-1 red lead.

"It's good to see things back to normal," said Andy Long on the gold bench.

However someone still had some magic beans on the gold team. JA scored from the blue line on Vieira, then right off the faceoff Long did the same thing and it was 4-3 just like that.

Rick Armand nearly had to call a timeout to change strategies.

That would be all the gold scoring though. Mikey V. stopped both shots in the 3rd period, while Armand and Gavin each scored for red for the 6-3 final.

"It's nice to see we can win big without Cormican or Surette," noted Rick Murphy.

These two teams will meet in the playoffs in two weeks.


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