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Chris Craft crushed again, 8-1.

Following up a huge 10-1 win before the 4th of July break, Boston Whaler crushed the gold team again in the back end of the home and home.

It was just 1-0 after one thanks to a Mark Melito goal, his first of three on the day.

In the 2nd the navy team began to run away with it. Melito scored twice and Brian Leslie once as it was 4-0 and a laugher.

Poor Rollie, he was playing well, but you can only stop so many 3 on 1's and breakaways. Luckily one of those breakaways was Richard Breed, so there was no goal.

The lead ballooned to 8-0 in the third thanks to a Jake Steigerwald goal. It was a beauty.

But navy wasn't concerned with getting Fuji a shutout. Especially the defense, who were constantly "out of position". As such Dustin Silk would get a great chance to score, and he did, taking the zero off the scoreboard with just 1:55 to play.

It wasn't a shutout, but still another impressive clubbing of the gold team by the navy team.


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